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Briefly about the CEO of Bakhtiari Carpet Company

Bakhtiari Business-Manufacturing Company, under the management of Ms. Zohreh Bakhtiari, started its professional activity with the vision of an integrated collection of yarn to carpet in 2013 in Mashhad city from Iran.
From the collection of products produced in this large collection, we can mention all kinds of machine and hand-woven Carpets, Rug, Carpet panel, Kilim and Gabbeh in different designs and colors, even the customer’s desired design can be ordered.

Zohreh Bakhtiari carpet

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Bakhtiari carpet products

Bakhtiari carpet

All kinds of handwoven Rugs

Iranian handwoven Rugs are famous for their intricate patterns and attractive colors, which represent centuries of artistic tradition and cultural heritage.

Bakhtiari carpet

All kinds of Silk handwoven Carpet

Handwoven silk carpet is a symbol of beauty and elegance, meticulously crafted using precious silk threads with exquisite craftsmanship by weavers.

Bakhtiari carpet

All kinds of Carpet Panel

A carpet tableau is a woven masterpiece that blends intricate designs with rich cultural narratives, capturing both artistry and heritage in textile form.

Bakhtiari carpet

All kinds of handmade Kilim

Handwoven Kilim is a traditional art that, using natural fibers and diverse patterns, represents the culture and beauty of different regions.

Bakhtiari carpet

All kinds of handmade Gabbeh

Gabbeh carpet is a type of traditional Iranian carpet woven from wool or cotton, typically adorned with geometric patterns or various nature motifs.

The latest Bakhtiari Carpet products

  • Venice

    Carpet panel with a design from the city of Venice, 50-row silk pile with 65% silk, carpet size 68 x 113, carpet weight with frame 5.500 kg

    Original price was: 640,00 €.Current price is: 630,00 €.

  • Tulip

    Carpet panel 50 rows of silk roots, carpet size 58 x 91, weight of panel with frame 5.500 kg

    Original price was: 397,00 €.Current price is: 387,00 €.

  • Horses

    Silk root carpet panel, size 93 x 116, woven in Tabriz, Iran

    Original price was: 494,00 €.Current price is: 484,00 €.

  • code 16

    A machine-made carpet board, all silk, fine weave, size 120 x 80, 1700 combs with a density of 5000

    Original price was: 14,00 €.Current price is: 13,00 €.