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About Us

Bakhtiari Business-Manufacturing Company, under the management of Ms. Zohreh Bakhtiari, started its professional activity with the vision of an integrated collection of yarn to carpet in 2013 in Mashhad city from Iran.
From the collection of products produced in this large collection, we can mention all kinds of machine and hand-woven Carpets, Rug, Carpet panel, Kilim and Gabbeh in different designs and colors, even the customer’s desired design can be ordered.
Among the prominent features of Bakhtiari products, we can point out things such as fuzz free, anti-allergic filling, resistant to washing, wear and light, with a 20-year warranty.
Bakhtiari carpet collection, while producing high-quality Iranian carpets and creating jobs for the young generation, proudly exports Iranian carpets and culture to other parts of the world. Finally, this business company moved to a new location and established a branch in Germany.
By the grace of God, following the repeated successes of Ms. Bakhtiari, focusing on entrepreneurship for the disabled and the poor, and women heads of the household, they succeeded in designing and weaving a silk carpet with the help of 40 nomadic women of Fars province.
With the motto “Be yourself, be strong and be independent”, this company facilitates online shopping for customers around the world to create content on social networks and international website, and by offering the best price and quality, it always tries to fulfill the orders as it deserves, dear customers will deliver.

Our vision and future plans include the establishment of exhibitions throughout Iran and neighboring countries for the possibility of in-person and installment purchases for our esteemed customers, increasing the sale of Iranian products with the lowest profit margin in a win-win manner.
Fast delivery of goods to customers and establishment of cross-docking system, expanding online activities and increasing the variety of products to become one of the top 5 internet shopping companies in the world.