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Champs Elysee Bazaar Café

Carpet panel with the design of Champs Elysee Bazaar Cafe, silk roots, 50 rows, carpet size 60 x 90

Original price was: 447,00 €.Current price is: 437,00 €.


Champs-Elysées Street in Paris is a very large, wide, wooded and green street with a length of nearly 2 kilometers in the heart of the city of Paris, and almost all the world's famous brands, famous and luxurious cafes and restaurants are present on this street.
In 1724, Champs-Elysées Street was expanded and reached its current size, and in 1994, the wide and large sidewalks of this street were reconstructed and renovated, making it easier to travel. In 1858, the appearance of the sidewalks of the street was modified and beautified by Baron Husman, and the rich people of the society, nobles and bankers moved to this street. At that time, Champs-Elysées was a luxurious and aristocratic street with magnificent mansions and luxurious and beautiful palaces, some of which still remain.


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