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Authentic all-silk rug with angel pattern, 80 rows, size 130 x 200

Original price was: 20.609,00 €.Current price is: 20.606,00 €.


Regarding the authentic hand-woven miniature carpets available in the Iranian carpet market, we must declare that they are 100% from Iran. Of course, the word “miniature” comes first to many people, as “miniature” refers to very small, tiny and very delicate things. Even today, for example, for a small thing we say that this object or item is miniature or very small. . The philosophy behind the designs of hand-woven miniature tapestries is authentic, Iranian-Islamic and natural. That means the angels you see are not the person's photo, so someone will protest that you used my photo. These designs are imaginary, and the master paints what comes to his mind and these designs and faces are created, and none of them are an image of a real person.


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