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Handwoven kilim

Handwoven merino rugs, first grade wool, fine texture, size 150 x 90


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A handwoven kilim is a traditional type of rug primarily crafted manually from natural fibers such as wool, cotton, or other threads. This type of rug is particularly renowned in countries like Iran, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Central Asian countries.

Kilims typically have a simple structure and unlike other rugs that have a pile, kilims are flat-woven. Instead of a pile, patterns and designs in kilims are created using different colors of weft and warp threads. These rugs often feature geometric patterns, nature motifs, floral designs, or even abstract shapes, depending on the weaving technique and creativity of the weavers.

The primary uses of kilims include being used as floor coverings in rural areas or as decorative wall hangings in homes and other spaces. Kilims are highly valued as an element of indigenous art and culture in the regions where they are produced, representing the history and traditional artistry of those areas.


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