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Silk root carpet panel, size 93 x 116, woven in Tabriz, Iran

Original price was: 494,00 €.Current price is: 484,00 €.


Since the horse is a hard-working and active animal, it is one of the most popular animals in Feng and gives us a good feeling of life, so one of these objects that has a very special washing in Feng is the horse.
According to the philosophy of yin and yang, the horse, a yang symbol in feng shui, the horse is used as a symbol of wealth, success, speed, freedom and fame, which is why the statue in feng shui is also called the fortune horse machine. In the Chinese belief, a horse in the southeast direction is used to increase wealth and abundance in your life.
Installing a sign of running horses in high-traffic areas of family members or workplaces attracts their attention and can be effective in increasing the energy and creativity of family members to earn more money and attract more capital and prosperity.


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