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The entrance of Perspolice

The entrance of Persepolis, silk roots, all embossed, carpet size 60 x 95

Original price was: 470,00 €.Current price is: 460,00 €.


Persepolis is known in the world as a symbol of the Persian civilization of Iran. The site of Persepolis, which is one of the famous places in Fars province and is located near Maroodasht in Shiraz in Iran, shows the architectural splendor of the palace of the kings in ancient Iran. At the height of their power, the Achaemenid kings built their stone palaces in the heart of the mountain and near the city of Shiraz in order to leave a clear picture of the extent of their rule for future generations.
Persepolis is known in the world as Persepolis, which is the Greek name. The columns, capitals, inscriptions, reliefs, palaces and gates left in the grounds of Persepolis are among the most famous works of civilization in the world.


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