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The old carpet weaver

Carpet panel with the design of an old carpet weaver, silk roots, 50 rows, all embossed, size 70 x 95

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"Carpet weaving" is one of the most famous traditional handicrafts of Iran. Many use the word farsh instead of the word carpet. The word carpet refers to a fabric that is woven on a loom (vertical or horizontal) and in which short pieces of fibers are tied around parallel threads using a special technique so that the fabric has long piles (long piles cause softness and the smoothness of the carpet surface). The raw material of the carpet is wool, fluff or silk, and for the weft of cotton thread, wool or silk, and it has slime, error and geometric patterns. The Arabic word for carpet and its object noun is Mafurosh. Farsh means earth in Arabic and is the opposite of the word Arsh, which means sky, and can be applied to anything that expands.

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