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Silk root carpet panel 50 rows, 60% silk, tiger design in wildlife, carpet size 60 x 91, The weight of the board with the frame is 5.500 kg

Original price was: 567,00 €.Current price is: 557,00 €.


A tiger-themed carpet tableau is a unique piece of art intricately woven from silk or wool threads. These carpets are crafted with high precision by skilled weavers using specialized techniques. The tiger motif typically depicts realistic and beautiful images of tigers, portrayed with meticulous detail and artistic design.

These carpets often captivate viewers due to their visual beauty. Additionally, the tiger motif usually carries deep cultural and social meanings. In some cultures, the tiger is considered a symbol of power, strength, and even stability. Therefore, these designs not only showcase artistic beauty but can also embody cultural and historical symbolism.


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